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We are Kudos PRS Chartered Accountants , an ISO certified firm and an independent member of Kudos International Network Limited, United Kingdom. Kudos International is one of the top ranked and fast-growing global networks of independent professional auditing and accounting firms in UAE having presence in many countries across the globe.

Our team at Kudos PRS Chartered Accountants just received some exciting news from Clutch Analyst Jeff Dixon! He just called to let us know that internationally renowned B2B rating and review platform, Clutch, named us as one of the United Arab Emirates’ top financial accounting firms for 2020, praising our financial accounting!Now’s the time to invest in your business, so we value when we’re recognized as a great investment for your business. According to Clutch and their research, amongst all providers in the United Arab Emirates, we’re consistently one of the best Auditing and Accounting firm in UAE!

“We are very much excited and thrilled to won this award for top B2B companies in the Middle East by Clutch for 2020”

Clutch is the world’s leading B2B ratings and verified reviews platform. Located in the heart of the District of Columbia, Clutch has a team of dedicated team of analysts who conducts reviews with clients from around the world. Then, their editorial team independently verifies the content and curates it into a case study style format, ensuring that you are receiving all the information that you need as you purchase B2B services! Clutch is the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews, and we’re honored to maintain a stellar review average on the platform!

In a recent review, the finance manager for Amass ME Shipping Services LLC, Ramash Sitaram, praised the financial auditing that we did for his logistics and supply chain company!

Latest Review Of One Of Our Client.

top financial accounting firm in UAE

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our satisfied clients making us the leader in financial accounting! To join their ranks, please contact us today!