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Reasons To Value Your Business

business advisory and accounting service in UAE
    • For Knowing the worthiness of your business professionally instead of Ballpark Guess.

    • For Mergers and Acquisitions

    • For joint venture arrangements (JV)

    • For Exit Strategy Planning.

    • For tax planning purposes- Gift and Estate tax.

    • For Bank financing or alternative investment or attracting investors

    • For ascertaining True Value of Company either to known own net worth or for resale.

    • For Litigation or disputes by shareholders or partners to determine economic damages, lost profits or/and uncovered fraud

    • For Family succession planning and/or inheritance or personal events such as marriage/divorce.

    • For valuing the business for a restructure or bankruptcy.

    • For identifying weaknesses of business to refocus the operational efforts to improve profitability and the bottom line.

    • For determining Intrinsic Value vs. Fair Market Value of the business.

    • For ascertaining the purchase price after an acquisition of a business.

    • For knowing the value of business with patents, trademarks, copyrights, proprietary processes, Goodwill etc

    • For knowing the value of business to decide the coverage needed while buying Key Man Policy for Partners/Directors if something happens to them.