Post covid-19 world kudos p

  • Corporate world will change for ever.
  • The effect of damage in the financials will last for longer period even after
  • Businesses without big financial muscles will collapse if pandemic continues even for a shorter period.
  • Any failure or bankruptcy of any giant businesses will have far fetched consequences in SME economy.
  • The austerity measures for economic revival by governments should reach
    at every level of economy in order to check deflation.
  • Flexibility in payment terms by financial institutions, support by Govt. Agencies will be a relief for ailing companies due to lockdown.
  • Work at home so far was only a western work culture. But it will become popular in many other countries too.
  • There will be surge in outsourcing services and IT services businesses.
  • IT business will be major beneficiaries as online business, on line payment
    and on line education will be the future everywhere in the world.
  • Major investments expected in health care especially in primary health centers.
  • Importance will be given for Medical research institutions.
  • There will be rethinking on present strategy of concentrating retail businesses in large malls and hence It may move back to decentralized market as it was earlier.

  • Accounting Wise, the market corrections will happen and therefore assets will get accounted at their fair value either through impairment or write off because of obsolescence.
  • Intangible assets like goodwill have major impact during market corrections.
  • Going concern depends on lots of factors. The main factor is the investors’ ability to contribute to the business.

Post Covid Social Life Too Will Change.

The world will not be same again in post covid era.
But BIG QUESTION Everyone Wonders