Get Tax Compliance Report (TCR) And Be Ready To Face Tax Audit Anytime In Future.

Tax audit-Kudos PRS

What is Tax Audit ?

    • Examination of liability of a taxable person by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)
    • Various laws have granted power to the FTA to conduct tax audits at its discretion after giving due notice to an organization.
    • The Audit can either be conducted at the premises of the business or the FTA may request that all necessary documentation be brought to its office or sent electronically.
    • The FTA gives notice of at least 5 days to a tax registered business prior to the Audit.
    • On completion of the Audit, the FTA will issue a report including the violations observed and the penalties to be paid by the business if any.

How We Can Help ?

  • We Ensure Your Tax Compliance In Order To Avoid Penalties And Loss Of Reputation.
    Tax Compliance Report (TCR) Covers,

      • Review the VAT Returns already filed for the previous periods

      • Review the existing contracts with Suppliers / Customers / Third parties on sample basis

      • Analyze the VAT treatment on Imports / Reverse Charge Mechanism

      • Analyze the VAT treatment on Exports

      • Analyze the VAT treatment on import of services, including the disclosures in the VAT Return Form 201

      • Review the existing accounting system to identify the VAT non compliances if any and provide guidance to make necessary changes

      • Guidance for VAT compliance as per the requirements of the industry will be given wherever we observe that present system has not captured the VAT Requirements.

      • Guidance for submitting VAT Refund through Form 311