information system audit

Information System Audit

Information System audit (IS Audit) focus on audit of the data centre. IS audit covers the level and extent of controls and security aspects of the data centre. The audit on control and security covers on Physical Access Controls, Operating System Controls, Network Security, User Account Maintenance, Logical Access Controls, Maintenance of Sensitive User accounts, Data Base Security, Web Server Security, Log Maintenance and review, Disaster Recovery Site Audit, Program Development and Program Change Management Review, Computer Operations Controls review, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Functionality testing of the applications, Testing of the Automated application controls, Formulation of the Data Migration strategy, assisting the clients in the data migrations, Review of the data migration, Formulation of the Information Security Policy, implementation of the same and post implementation review, Computer to Computer Link (CTCL) Audit for the of repute, Cyber IT and Data Security Audits and advisory.

Risk Management Advisory consists of IT Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Strategy Risk Management and Designing of Risk Control Matrix (RCM)